CAWA Book Drive
Empowering Chinese American Women to lead and create positive change
CAWA Book Drive
Empowering Chinese American Women to lead and create positive change
Empowering Chinese American Women to lead and create positive change
Empowering Chinese American Women to lead and create positive change
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We are Chinese American women of all ages, occupations, and backgrounds, united in promoting civic engagement and community leadership.  Together, we reassert that we belong and that anti-Asian hate has no place in this country we call home.

We will act, lead, and influence …

CAWA invited League of Women Voters of Naperville to the Commemoration of Anna May Wong event to help register voters and encourage informed and active voter participation in government elections.

Illinois State Representative Jennifer Gong Gershowitz and State Senator Ram Villivalam led the passage of TEAACH Act in 2021, making Illinois the first state to require the teaching of Asian American history.

 “Hate has no place in America.”  President Biden signed into law the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act on May 20, 2021. The law will strengthen law enforcement’s response to attacks on Asian Americans during the pandemic.

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month Events

In celebration of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, CAWA is honored to Join State Representative Janet Yang Rohr on May 23 to share about our programs and activities and the positive impact we are creating in our community. The panel features our local Chinese American artist, Rich Lo, CAWA Youth leader, Alexandria Tang, CAWA board member and treasurer, Lai So, and CAWA Founding President, Nancy Chen . Please register for this virtual event. We look forward to your participation.

AYA First Exhibition Flyer
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Naperville Mayoral Candidates Respond to CAWA

Scott & Benny Responses to CAWA
To advance our mission to empower and engage Asian Americans in the electoral process in Naperville, CAWA sent a questionnaire to Tiffany Stephens, Scott Wehrli and Benny White, the three candidates running for Naperville Mayor on April 4. Naperville is 22% Asian American. Every Naperville issue is an "Asian American" issue but there are other issues of distinct importance to us as Asian Americans. CAWA sincerely appreciates the thoughtful and timely responses from candidate Wehrli and candidate White. We hope you will gain a better insight about the candidates and what we can expect from them in working with our community if elected as the next Naperville Mayor.
Questions for mayoral candidates are below:
1. The Asian American community in Naperville is very diverse. In your current or past business or public roles, what involvement have you had with the Asian American community?
2. How do you define "diversity, equity and inclusion"? What specific steps would you take as mayor to include Asian Americans in Naperville’s DEI activities in relation to city employment, contracts and appointments?
3. What issues or concerns do you believe have a particular or distinct impact on Asian Americans? How do you plan to address them as Mayor of Naperville?
4. Mayor Chirico recently stated that a fourth marijuana dispensary may be a possibility in Naperville. What is your position on a fourth dispensary and do you believe the existing dispensaries have served Naperville residents better, worse or as expected?

Commemoration of Anna May Wong & Celebration of Chinese New Year

On January 28, 2023 Chinese American Women in Action (CAWA) and Naperville Bank & Trust hosted an event to commemorate the release of the Anna May Wong Quarter and to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  

The historic inclusion of Anna May Wong, the first time an Asian American ever appears on U.S. currency, inspired almost 150 children and adults to attend on a snowy day to receive the AMW Wong Quarter in a red envelope as a Chinese New Year tradition.

Anna May Wong was the first Chinese American film star in Hollywood. She appeared in more than 60 movies, including silent films and one of the first movies made in Technicolor. The U.S. Mint selected her because she was “a courageous advocate who championed increased representation and more multi-dimensional roles for Asian American actors.” 

CAWA is proud to partner with Naperville Bank & Trust to bring people together as one community.  CAWA continues Anna May Wong’s fight for fairness and representation.  

CAWA TEAACH Act Book Drive Donation

CAWA’s successful book drive in which we raised almost $7,000 this summer in partnership with Anderson’s Bookshop culminated in a Book Donation Ceremony on September 26.  At the ceremony, we donated 555 books on Asian American history, contributions and experiences to the superintendents of Naperville School Districts 203 and 204. 

These books will go on to Naperville school libraries and classrooms to advance cross cultural understanding, build bridges for all students and ultimately counter anti-Asian racism. The books will provide resources to teachers and students as they begin teaching and learning about Asian American history as required by TEAACH Act in Illinois.

We thank you for your support of the project. CAWA is making progress on our mission of promoting civic engagement and helping to achieve a sense of belongings for people of all ages and backgrounds. 

Additional media coverages are:  Chicago Chinese News, the Naperville District 203 Facebook page and Sinovision

CAWA Inaugural Reception

May 9, 2022, Naperville Municipal Center

CAWA Inaugural Reception was a great success!  More than ninety people attended, showing that CAWA is a visible group with a voice in Naperville and the surrounding area.  Our speakers included Patrick Kelly, Naperville Mayor pro tempore, Janet Yang Rohr, Illinois State Representative, and Paul Leong, Naperville City Council Member.

Asian American Heritage Month Celebration

Far East Deep South Film Screening and Discussion

Co-hosted by CAWA and Naperville Public Library

May 21, 2022

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